Bank Services Workers

Bank Services Workers

Bank services workers handle a variety of different duties in banks and other financial institutions. Bank tellers handle certain types of customer account transactions. These employees serve the public directly. They accept customers’ deposits (money going into the bank) and give them receipts. They also handle customers’ withdrawals (money taken out of the bank), record transactions, and cash checks. When there is a withdrawal, the teller must make sure there is enough money in the customer’s account to cover the transaction.

A bank teller is working with customers using the drive-up window.

Bank clerks help to keep the vast amounts of paperwork and the computerized records in a bank in order. They keep track of deposit slips, checks, financial statements, and other records or letters regarding accounts. Clerks record transactions and file records. They may assist customers, answer telephone calls, and do other general duties. New accounts clerks interview new customers, open savings and checking accounts, and explain bank services, among other duties.

Bank officers and managers supervise workers and handle loans and other financial matters at a bank. They direct employees, make assignments, and oversee day-today operations. Officers review budgets and other financial records for accuracy. They might work in accounting, public relations, advertising, or other areas of a bank.

An important task of the bank officer is research. Officers examine the current economic conditions and the activities of other banks in the area. This helps the bank determine what services to offer its customers. The officer usually prepares daily or weekly reports covering this data for the bank president.

Education and Training

Most banks prefer that bank clerks and bank tellers have completed high school. Take courses in bookkeeping, typing, business, and mathematics to prepare for the job. In addition, you will need to be able to use computers, so be sure to take computer science courses. Take English and a foreign language to improve your communication skills, which you will need when interacting with customers and other workers. Some banks are interested in hiring college graduates (or those who have completed at least two years of college training) who can eventually move into managerial positions. Foreign exchange bank clerks may be expected to know foreign languages.

Bank officers and managers need to understand finances, economics, and the rules and regulations of the banking industry. To become a bank officer or manager, you will need a bachelor’s degree in economics or business administration.


Job outlooks, naturally, vary by position. Experts predict a decline in employment of bank new accounts clerks through 2016. The job outlook for bank tellers, clerks other than new accounts, managers, and officers is brighter. Average employment growth is expected for these positions during this period.

Related Positions

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For More Information

American Bankers Association

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Association for Financial Professionals

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Bank Administration Institute

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