Awesome software- Profitcents


Profitcents is well worth the investment and really great software for helping you to make more $$$$$ which is what we are really what we are in the business for other than helping our clients make more money. I was hessitant to look at one of their on line demonstrations a few yrs. ago, but it was probably the best thing i ever did. It helped to turn my practice around as far as our clients really feel like our service is very valuable as well as making more money for my firm.
I had problems trying to have a balance for billing for audits without losing money in the firm, so i bought profitcents analytical procedures tool which calculates expected values, documents analytics, automates analytical procedures. i t also adheres to SAS 56, AICPA requirements and guidelines, as well as SAS 103-111 for inclusion of opperational documentation in the working papers. on average it saves me 4-8 hrs. per audit and helps to get the peer reveiwers out of my office. everyone should have this tool!!!! the other tools are pretty good for bringing in a lot of money with little time spent.

They have really great customer service, too - if you ever need to know how to do something, they'll spend an hour on the phone walking you through all the options, completely free of charge.
I just ran a set of reports for a client last night - took 20 minutes to set up, run the reports, reboot the color printer(!), save to PDF for me and print for the client. The client liked it more than prior analyses I've spent hours on. :)

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