LAST CHANCE CPA… a CPA :) A 3 year journey is finally over!!!


3 years > September 7, 2012 to Aug 4th 2015.

FAR – 60,71,76
AUD – 71,71,75
BEC – 75
REG – 66,62,65,69,76

Thank you Skynet, Coloradoit, Tscape16, Erikag28, Gabe, ABinTX, rana_cali, CPAbefore40, Jeff Elliott and anyone else I forgot (I feel like I just won Best Male CPA)…

Look, I know I am no Alijah Watt Sells winner. I am just happy to have passed these exams after 3 grueling years. I have had a solid career in IT/business consulting already, so I didn’t need the CPA. I wanted it…really really bad.
Here is advice from someone who is in his mid-to-late 30s, doesn’t work in accounting, and mightily struggled with these exams.

FAR – I still think this is the beast of the exams. It is a mile wide, and an inch deep. You will have to spend the most hours studying for this section. Don’t neglect Govt and NFP, easy points that could get you a pass. I used CPAExcel for FAR. I read both CPAExcel books thoroughly (ahhh those cold Boston nights), and completed every MCQ and SIM. I also used WTB. These were the days I was still hesitant to buy Ninja products. 6-10 weeks – 120-175+ hours is what you will need…

AUD – RTMFQ!!!! The most boring of the four. I used CPAExcel and WTB. I should have passed it on the 2nd try. Work the MCQs by focusing on each of the answer choices. It will almost always come down 2 answers, and sometimes that will make you pull your hair out. The SIMs are FAR related, so make sure you take AUD after FAR…always. 4-8 weeks – 100-150+ hours is what you will need…

BEC – The easiest section for me because I have an MBA. I don’t recall using CPAExcel videos or the study text, and still passed BEC on the first try using CPAExcel MCQs/SIMs, WTB, Ninja MCQ and Ninja Notes/Audio. Ninja is really good for BEC. 4-8 weeks – 80-130+ hours is what you will need…

REG – 5 tries! What happened? This section is no joke. I used CPAExcel study text and MCQ/SIMs, WTB, Ninja Audio/Notes/MCQ, Gleim TB/SIMs and Roger Cram. The latter two put me over the hump. I think I have said this enough times on this forum, Gleim SIMs are golden! You can’t pass REG without doing well on the SIMs. 6-10 weeks - 120-150+ hours is what you will need…

Overall – There is no single review course that will do it, there is no magic pill you can use, and there is no half-assing this exam. BUT if a mid-to-late 30s, non-accountant, who is clearly not a genius, can pass this exam, so can you!!!

My wife is sick of me being on Another 71, so I will have to slowly phase myself out. But it has been a pleasure. Jeff has created a great site (and products) for all of us.

Now I am ready to continue my bucket list (CPA was number one on the list holding everything up); and I will be spending a lot more time with my wife and 1 year old baby girl...

Last Chance…CPA!!!!
FAR - 76
AUD - 75
BEC - 75
REG - 76

Now I need some experience!!! And some networking...

Congratulations Last Chance!

A true testament to the CPA exam.....not a sprint, but a long/grueling marathon, with those able to maintain strength/confidence and concentration able to persevere in the end.

AUD - 91 (4/7/2015)
BEC - 88 (4/29/2015)
FAR - 80 (5/29/2015)
REG - __ (8/12/2015)

Gleim & Ninja Flashcards

CPA - 357 and DONE!

Congratulations!! I've been stalking today to see that you passed. Whoo hoo!!
CPA Exam - Finally DONE (November 2014)
BEC (08/10/13) 80
AUD (08/24/13) 65 (11/13/13) 85
FAR (04/12/14) 81
REG (07/19/14) 69 (11/29/14) 87!!

Really great post. Congratulations and hopefully I can post something similar in a few months!
FAR: Beginning of August

Congrats! Thank you for sharing your experience. Enjoy your time with the family!
AUD: 04/25/15 (72) 07/16/15 (78)

You did it!!! I'm so happy for you, congratulations!!

Last Chance CPA, he'll be back.

Then he'll either be Last Chance CMA, Last Chance EA, Last Chance CIA, and etc. : )

BEC : 78
REG : 87
FAR : In Progress
AUD : 90

Halfway through Phase I of World Domination Plan.

Phase I : Pass CPA Exams
Phase II : Megan Fox
Phase III : Bring back 8-Tracks
Phase IV : Megan Fox & Scarlett Johansson Lingerie Pillow Fight
Phase V : TBA

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