i just left remax and im going to be doing loans and RE sales with a smaller brokerage. this will help me crunch numbers when i do investments.
what city are you in?

Are you near Sacramento or El Dorado Hills?

Originally posted by Jerry W:
I am a new "associate broker" in California working real estate sales for another broker who doesn't do loans. I'd like to become a loan representative to originate loans for interested buyers. Can you recommend any companies I might want to affiliate with to do loans as an adjunct to sales? I'd like to represent a reputable company that has access to numerous lenders' programs, rather than be a direct representative for a single lender. Yes we can help you at the NetworX!
You will be able to sell loans in most states too!
Call Tom At 520-990-4577

If you are interested in getting into mortgage obviously training is going to be the key. (this is also a good idea for Agents that jut want to know more about mortgages)
MGIC is a Mortgage Insurance Company and they offer a great number of fantastic online classes for 10 bucks each......which will put you miles ahead of many of the Loan Officers you would be competing with (or for you REAgents that just want to learn.....working with)
Their website is:

if i were you, Jerry W, i would pick either real estate or loans. sure it's good to have some knowledge in both, but throughout my experience i have NEVER encountered someone who did both very well. you either do 1 thing and do it well, or you're mediocre at both.
i might be wrong, but i'm just going by the hundreds of different LOs and agents i have to speak with every week. it's kind of funny, but the best real estate agents i run into know nothing about loans. the best loan officers i run into know very little about real estate.

If you decide to originate loans be sure your loan officer C/E requirements are met as required by the state of California.

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